Chris Parry

Rear Admiral Chris Parry
Rear Admiral Dr. Chris Parry, CBE, Ph.D

After reading Modern History at Jesus College Oxford, Chris Parry spent 36 enjoyable, rewarding years in the Royal Navy as an aviator and warfare officer. He commanded the destroyer HMS GLOUCESTER, the Amphibious Assault Ship HMS FEARLESS, the UK’s Amphibious Task Group and the Maritime Warfare Centre. He also held three other senior Joint and UK Ministry of Defence strategic and policy appointments. As well as sailing every sea, he experienced regular operational tours and combat operations in Northern Ireland, the Gulf and the Falklands war, in which he detected and disabled the Argentinian submarine SANTA FE.

Nowadays, he runs his own strategic forecasting and trouble-shooting company, advising governments, leading commercial companies and financial institutions about geo-political and strategic issues, future trends and systemic risk. With a doctorate in organisational psychology, Chris teaches strategic leadership, risk management and command psychology at universities at home and abroad, within corporates and at the UK Defence Academy. He appears as a regular broadcaster and commentator in international and UK media and is an active author.

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