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China is walking a ‘very slender path’ with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

“I think that if China wanted Russia to stop doing this and took action, that it would lead to what the Chinese do not want, and that is a rift between them and the Russians,” Cropsey said. “So I think the prospect of China throwing its weight against Russia for …

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naval ships

Hone the Leading Edge

NATO’s Black Sea Members are the Key to the Coming Fight against Russia Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already transformed the psychological-political balance in Europe, reopening the prospect of wars of conquest. However, it is poised to transform the military-political balance on NATO’s eastern flank. In brief, whether Russia succeeds …

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Seth Cropsey

Seth Cropsey quoted by George Will

Yorktown Institute president Seth Cropsey was quoted by George Will in an opinion piece entitled “To avoid nuclear calamity, Biden makes a delicate calibration about Putin” in the Washington Post on March 25, 2022.

the empire strikes back

The Empire Strikes Back

NATO Must Prepare for Horizontal Escalation Russia’s invasion of Ukraine demonstrates the relevance of hard power. The United States must take note – the possibility for European escalation remains very much alive. The Russian offensive had all the hallmarks of a carefully planned operation for months. Putin’s domestic incentives were …

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