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Support Yorktown Institute’s Mission

Yorktown Institute’s mission is to exemplify America’s founding principles in the areas of national security, diplomacy, foreign policy, and statecraft. We study and advocate a grand strategy rooted in constitutional governance, a competitive military industrial base, and international alliances.

By supporting Yorktown Institute, you play a vital role in advancing our initiatives that contribute to a robust grand strategy. Your contribution directly fuels our efforts to provide expert analysis, build influential coalitions, conduct in-depth research, and empower the next generation of leaders who will shape America’s future. Every dollar you give brings us closer to achieving our vision of a 21st century America prepared for the challenges of great power competition.


  • Expert Commentary: Your donation enables us to provide expert insights that contribute to informed decision-making on national security and foreign policy.
  • Influence & Coalitions: Support our efforts to build influential coalitions that advocate for a grand strategy rooted in constitutional governance.
  • In-Depth Research: Contribute to the advancement of in-depth research, providing a deeper understanding of critical issues in defense and geopolitics.
  • Next-Generation Leadership: Empower the next generation of leaders who will carry forward America’s commitment to its founding principles.

We invite you to join us on our journey to strengthen American leadership.

About Yorktown Institute

Founded in 2022, the Yorktown Institute focuses on great power competition and the U.S. naval and military supremacy that must undergird American grand strategy. This will require alliance-building, restoring economic and manufacturing potential, defending national institutions, and reorienting naval and military power toward the “supercontinent” of Eurasia.

Our Directors, Advisors, Staff, and Fellows are experts and leading scholars in such fields as military affairs, technology, government, and finance. All of them share the belief that America’s global leadership needs to address problems strategically and conduct the rigorous thought and problem-solving that will change minds at the highest levels of American government.

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