Destruction in Mariupol during the 2022 Russian siege

Mariupol’s Fate is the Key to a Ukraine Deal

Mariupol, the city under siege in southeastern Ukraine on the Sea of Azov, is the key to a possible deal between Russia and Ukraine that will stop the fighting.

The Russian assault on Mariupol has been notably ruthless and brutal. Mariupol has been holding out, but just barely.

The Russians have begun to shift their forces away from Kiev, focusing more intensely on the southeast, and Mariupol is probably their main objective. To set the stage for a new thrust into Mariupol, the Russians seem to be trying to deprive Ukraine of critical resources, especially fuel and arms, by targeting fuel storage depots and arms warehouses, especially in the Lviv area, which is near Poland.

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1 thought on “Mariupol’s Fate is the Key to a Ukraine Deal”

  1. This is a strong move to focus the attack to the southeast. If Ukraine can engage in guerilla warfare along the route to Mauripol, it gives them the a strong fighting chance. A defense there would be a signal for the Ukrainians they can win. There must be a water borne presence in the Sea of Azov.

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