Yorktown Institute’s mission is to exemplify America’s founding principles in the areas of national security, diplomacy, foreign policy, and statecraft. We study and advocate a grand strategy rooted in constitutional governance, a competitive military industrial base, and international alliances.


A 21st century of renewed American leadership correctly focused on, and adequately prepared for, Eurasian great power competition and an understanding of America’s security based on its enduring strategic demands.

What We Do

Every initiative of the Yorktown Institute aims at strengthening American leadership through a renewed focus on defense and geopolitics as part of a grand strategy. Through Expert Commentary, Influence & Coalitions, In-Depth Research, and Next-Generation Leadership, we foster a deeper understanding of critical issues that impact and influence decision-makers and experts in the field.

Expert Commentary

At the heart of Yorktown’s efforts lies the commitment to rigorous analysis and unique insight that drives conversation among Washington’s key decision-makers and future statesmen.We engage and collaborate with the most influential names in the fields of foreign policy and geopolitics, conducting interviews, making appearances, and publishing thought-provoking commentary that resonates with both experts and a wider audience.Yorktown Institute experts publish and appear regularly in outlets such as the Wall Street JournalBarron’sThe HillThe Messenger, Asia Times, RealClear DefenseForeign PolicyThe National Interest, and the National Review. Yorktown scholars also publish in professional outlets for the American and allied armed forces, allowing them to communicate with the specific strategists, soldiers, sailors, and airmen who execute strategy.

Influence & Consensus

Just as global alliances are crucial to American defense, domestic alliances in the combative arena of foreign policy are crucial to defining and advocating American leadership that benefits the nation and the world.From briefing distinguished Republican and Democratic lawmakers on the necessity of a robust navy, to building working groups focused on the pivotal shift to Eurasia, our efforts are rooted in bipartisan and long-term collaboration. Our goal is to unite thinkers and decision-makers who appreciate the encompassing approach to defense readiness that an effective grand strategy requires.To build this coalition, we recruit, interview, and publish renowned and up-and-coming foreign policy experts who advocate for coherent budgetary plans that will bolster warfighting and deterrence capabilities. We host conferences that bring together an international slate of speakers and an informed audience. And we facilitate open channels of communication among foreign policy professionals who share an appreciation for grand strategy, ensuring they remain informed and can share insights about pivotal developments in naval security, diplomacy, and preparedness.

In-Depth Research

Our extensive and industry-specific research products provide decision-makers with the confidence to implement long-term strategies that America urgently needs. Comprehensive studies, policy workshops with senior legislators, and international collaborations are key expressions of Yorktown’s scholarly work.Building on our expertise and relationships with British, French, Ukrainian, Israeli, Romanian, and Taiwanese colleagues, we are establishing a global research network that recognizes the need to strengthen alliances to counter a hostile Russia and Iran and push back against a rising China. This network shares knowledge through seminars and other joint resources to which Yorktown contributes.

Next-Generation Leadership

The future of American statesmanship and national security rests on the future leaders we nurture today. We place a special emphasis on cultivating staff and fellows who are a mix of expert mentors and up-and-coming young professionals.At Yorktown, future leaders are empowered to engage with the expert community and the general public as thinkers and ambassadors for the grand strategic perspective. The continued mentorship of the Institute’s leadership propels them to a career rooted in the principles and ideas that comprise our mission.The experience we provide through our fellowships and other opportunities is international, institutional, and intellectual—molding the next visionaries, specialists, and communicators to foster high-quality strategic discussions of naval and military defense and foreign policy.

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