As great and medium power competition faces the U.S. at an unprecedented level and is certain to grow, Yorktown Institute—named for the pivotal 1781 U.S. victory that combined maritime and ground forces with allied partners—is dedicated to securing American liberty, prosperity, and self-governance under the U.S. Constitution. These blessings have always confronted challenges: predation at sea, violent internal strife, and foreign continental hegemony, both armed and ideological. Preserving such blessings requires appreciation and protection. 

For that reason, Yorktown Institute works to:

  • Analyze the U.S. position in world affairs,
  • Enable American leadership, 
  • Promote international partnerships on which America’s peace, prosperity, and democratic future depend, and 
  • Provide insight and actionable policy choices on how the United States should operate in the world to strengthen its security, advance the interests it has in common with its allies and partners and counter hostile powers, such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and jihadist terrorist networks.  

The Indo-Pacific is correctly identified today as the chief area of America’s security concerns, but world affairs are dynamic. The question of Eurasian dominance is growing in importance. The United States requires strategic open-mindedness and the ability to adapt to new circumstances. 

Yorktown Institute promotes U.S. naval, military, cyber, space, intelligence, diplomatic, trade and other policies that provide strong and flexible capabilities. If the country needs to adapt its strategy, it should have the tools to do so. Yorktown Institute believes, however, that what should never change is the paramount commitment of Americans to their constitutional principles. 

Seth Cropsey
President, Yorktown Institute

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