Protests Turn Violent at Yale

Anti-Israel protests escalated to violence at Yale University this weekend, and administrators let it happen. Hundreds of protesters flooded the main campus, pitched 40 tents, blocked Yale’s main dining hall, chanted for the annihilation of Israel, and denounced America.

Identifiably Jewish students found themselves surrounded and cornered by protest mobs. Sahar Tartak, a sophomore who has written for these pages, was poked in the eye with a flagpole and needed hospital treatment. On Friday night the mob cheered as students ripped down the American flag in front of a memorial for fallen soldiers and tried to burn it.

Students called Yale trustees and senior administrators “terrorists.” Their chants included “There is only one solution, intifada revolution” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine is almost free.” They cornered a man at the plaza for wearing a T-shirt that read “F— Hamas.”

This protest is in clear violation of Yale’s code of conduct, which explicitly forbids protesters from obstructing building entrances or blocking students’ ability to observe an event. But the administration sat on its hands.

Lt. Chris Halstead of the Yale Police told the Yale Daily News that officers planned to begin clearing the plaza on Friday at 11 p.m., the Daily News reported at 10:55. According to an 11:36 update, Yale College’s Dean Pericles Lewis promised the protest leaders “he will meet with them if they pack up their tents.” They didn’t. An 11:51 update: “According to Halstead and another officer, YPD decided not to proceed with dispersing the crowd in the plaza ‘based on circumstances.’ The officers would not elaborate further on what aspects of the circumstance influenced that decision.”

The invaders slept on the plaza, woke up, and spent Saturday chanting and yelling. Fifty of them marched up Prospect Street to the Yale Divinity School to confront President Peter Salovey and the trustees, there for a Yale Corp. meeting.

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GabrielDiamond is a research assistant at Yorktown Institute and a senior at Yale University.

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