Black Sea

Dnieper from Friendship of Nations Monument

The Naval War

Ukraine’s victory in Kherson Oblast has confirmed the centrality of sea access in the war with Russia. As Ukraine plans its next move, and Russia responds to Ukraine’s advances, Western policymakers must prioritize Ukraine’s victory at sea, and ensure that Kyiv has the tools it requires to break Russian sea …

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Crimean canal dam blown by occupying Russian forces

The Crimea Question

Russia’s Black Sea position has Eurasian strategic significance because the Ukraine War is a Eurasian War, not a European one. As the balance shifts against Russia, escalation becomes more probable, and as the Indo-Pacific balance of forces shifts, U.S. policymakers must consider the facts. Ejecting Russia from Crimea should be …

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Sea Breeze

Yorktown Discussion-The State of the Black Sea

Join Yorktown Institute and Romania’s New Strategy Center for a discussion on Russia’s threat to the Black Sea, the maritime element of the war in Ukraine, the strategic importance of Snake Island, and US and NATO policy needed to assure security in the region. Introductory remarks: ❖ Seth Cropsey, President, …

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