HIMARS Type-12

Yonaguni and HIMARS

Yonaguni is a small island, part of the Ryukyus island chain, that is close to Taiwan. In our book Stopping a Taiwan Invasion we suggested putting HIMARS on Yonaguni. It seems the Biden administration, despite support from the Marines, is opposing HIMARS for Yonaguni. That has left the Marines out of the picture …

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Xi's speech at 20th Party Congress

Off-Ramps for China? Sorry, That Ship has Sailed

Speaking to Democratic Party donors in early October, President Joe Biden said, ‘I’m trying to figure out what is Putin’s off-ramp. Where does he find a way out? Where does he find himself in a position that he does not – not only lose face but lose significant power within …

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Chinese naval formation

Brace for Impact: the Coming War over Taiwan

The United States, after months of war, is finally standing up a command specifically designed to assist Ukraine. This formalizes the ad hoc efforts President Joe Biden’s administration and America’s allies have conducted since the Russian invasion began. Through a stroke of luck, American recalcitrance and Washington’s typically glacial reaction time did not …

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Crew members board the USS Delaware nuclear submarine during a commissioning ceremony at the Port of Wilmington, Del., April 2.

Delayed Repairs Shrink the U.S. Navy Submarine Fleet

The U.S. Navy’s submarine fleet, America’s essential war-fighting instrument in the Indo-Pacific, is about three-fifths the size it should be, chiefly because of maintenance and production delays. This comes amid stepped-up threats to Taiwan by China. Contesting such an assault would require a submarine force at maximum strength. Congress and …

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PLA anti-aircraft

After the Next War

The Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis is in full swing. The PLA has continued its military exercises after Speaker Pelosi’s departure from Taiwan, the PRC has imposed targeted sanctions upon Taiwan. Beijing’s diplomatic service and propaganda outlets compete to emphasize the overwhelming response that Taiwan and the West will suffer if …

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Chinese amphibious landing exercise

China and Taiwan: The Chinese Python

A U.S. government friend involved in Indo-Pacific defense matters asked me the question a lot of people are wondering about. Following U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei on Aug. 2-3, China launched a series of aggressive moves targeting Taiwan, most visibly unprecedented military exercises. So he asked: “Running up to the …

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