PLA anti-aircraft

After the Next War

The Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis is in full swing. The PLA has continued its military exercises after Speaker Pelosi’s departure from Taiwan, the PRC has imposed targeted sanctions upon Taiwan. Beijing’s diplomatic service and propaganda outlets compete to emphasize the overwhelming response that Taiwan and the West will suffer if …

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Russian black sea fleet exercise

War at Sea is Critical to Ukraine’s Survival against Russia

Public focus on the Russo-Ukrainian war remains fixated on the conflict’s ground operations. This is reasonable, considering the frightening images of Russian airstrikes throughout Ukraine, Russian brutality in Bucha, Mariupol and elsewhere, and the developing battle for the Donbas region. However, the long-term strategic situation suggests that the naval balance will decide the …

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Ceremony welcoming new INS Atzmaut

Israeli Maritime Power and Eurasian Competition

While the U.S. military force structure pivots away from Middle Eastern security concerns toward East Asia, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and the Gulf monarchies are all potentially or actively hostile to Israel, or will seek more influence if the United States departs from the Middle East, or both. As Middle …

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Russian Cruiser Moskva sinking

The War at Sea

Ukraine’s sinking of the Russian cruiser Moskva received significant attention in Western media. But there has been little investigation of the Ukraine war’s naval elements. Naval considerations motivated Russian intervention, while Russia’s naval supremacy has reduced Ukrainian freedom of action and shaped its strategic and operational decision making. Most critically, Russian naval losses will …

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Attack Submarine USS Buffalo in dry dock at Pearl Harbor

Biden’s Plan to Cut Navy Ships: Handing China Victory at Sea

The Biden administration’s 2023 defense budget request falls far short of America’s strategic needs. The administration remains committed to concepts like “Integrated Deterrence,” a notion that the invasion of Ukraine showed to be strategically vacuous. Of equal importance is the budget’s proposed dollar amount, $813 billion: Given inflationary projections of above 7 percent, Biden’s …

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